Family Fitness Tips Straight From Hal Johnson And Joanne McLeod Of 'Body Break'

"Remember: Without a plan, you plan to fail."

A family that exercises together is a family that stays fit together.

But before you run off to buy gym memberships for mom, dad and the siblings, you'd do more good with a calendar.

That's according to Hal Johnson And Joanne McLeod from "Body Break."

"Remember: Without a plan, you plan to fail," cautions Johnson.

Instead, both he and his wife Joanne suggest making small changes to the weekly routine when the family schedule is looking hectic.

Even tiny changes like parking a little farther away in the grocery store parking lot can add up. For more ways to transform your fitness game, check out the video above.

How does your family stay fit and have fun? Let us know in the comments below.

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