01/04/2017 04:22 EST

Backyard Snow Kayaking Goes As Well As You'd Expect

Oh, Canada.

This is why kayaking is probably best left as a summer activity.

On Tuesday, YouTuber Viva Frei decided to pull out his kayak and go for a ride in Quebec's Laurentian Mountains near Lac Megantic.

Unfortunately, he forgot to clear a stack of logs from his path.

Winter kayaking was going well for Viva Frei ... at first.(Screengrab: Viva Frei/YouTube)

Luckily there was plenty of soft snow to break his fall, much to the amusement of his kids.

Believe it or not, snow kayaking is an real extreme winter sport — while it's not allowed at most ski resorts.

In 2013 Red Bull held a snow kayaking competition in Estonia.

But based on this video, it might be a little while before Frei can compete among the pros.

Watch Frei try out "winter kayaking" above.

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