01/05/2017 11:51 EST | Updated 01/06/2017 04:22 EST

Actual Winter In Vancouver Is Making People Do Crazy Things

Trying to survive the Great Salt Crisis of 2017.

The apocalypse Winter has descended upon Metro Vancouver.

Snow, followed by slush and falling temperatures have turned streets into dangerous slick surfaces.

The good citizens of the region are doing their best, arming themselves with hammers...

A man chips away at the ice on the sidewalk in front of his house in Vancouver on Tuesday. (Photo: Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)

And axes.

(Tip from the pros though: don't do that because you can damage tools, the surface, or yourself.)

With many stores sold out of road salt, the city is now gripped by the Great Salt Crisis of 2017.

People are lining up for HOURS at Vancouver fire halls for free salt.

Police had to be called when crowds got out of control at three fire halls on Tuesday.

And now, there's a brisk salt trade on Craigslist.

The mayor of neighbouring Coquitlam appears ready to start a fight that could rival the Battle of Hoth:

So far this winter, the City of Vancouver has gone through about 7,000 tonnes of salt, which is seven times the average amount used in each of the previous two winters.

More snow is forecast for the next few days.

But this being Vancouver, do not fear. The bike lanes are all clear.

With files from The Canadian Press

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