01/05/2017 02:41 EST | Updated 01/06/2017 03:34 EST

Forget Weight Loss, Here Are Resolutions You Should Actually Make

No dieting, OK?

We're a week into 2017 so either you're sticking to your New Year's resolutions or you've already let them go.

One 2013 study suggested only eight per cent of people actually stick to their resolutions, Forbes reports, and the most popular goals tend to be about weight loss, eating healthy and taking care of your appearance.

"Many people start the new year off with New Year’s resolutions, only to discover within a couple of weeks they have forgotten what they even were," says life coach Catherine Thorburn of Toronto.

"Rather than setting ourselves up for failure, let’s focus on resolutions that we should make that will help us have a better 2017 and many years to come."

Below, Thorburn suggests alternative New Year's goals you can essentially start any time of the year. And instead of focusing on weight or diet, it's time to start thinking about our well-being and others around us.

And don't feel bad about messing these up — picking up a new habit takes time to master.