01/05/2017 08:23 EST | Updated 01/06/2017 12:31 EST

Toronto Convenience Store's Chocolate-Stealing Squirrels Caught On Tape

Have you seen this bandit?

These squirrels are out of control.

A Toronto convenience store named Luke's Grocery is asking Reddit for advice on how to curb its theft problem — theft by squirrels, that is.

Jenny Kim, whose dad owns the store, told The Huffington Post Canada that they've lost about two boxes of chocolate bars (that's 48 bars, if you're counting) in less than a year.

Each time, a squirrel hurries into the store, grabs a bar and scurries out. And there is incriminating video of one squirrel fleeing with a Crunchie bar in its mouth. (Watch the footage above.)

"They're just too fast," Kim said, explaining that it's hard to shoo them away before they get their claws on a sweet treat.

It's a group of squirrels causing the problem, and the store owners are not quite sure how to stop them.

"When it's warmer outside, we can't keep the door closed," Kim said. The store needs ventilation, and they can't afford air conditioning, a screen door and other pricier fixes.

They've called animal services, and even mulled sprinkling chocolates with hot pepper flakes before deciding against it.

Reddit users chimed in with their own ideas — some more helpful than others.

"Wrap them in banana peels. If it works for tulip bulbs it might work for chocolate bars," was one suggestion.

Another offered to "make a donation to pay off the squirrels tab."

"It's amusing to see them come in, but we hope it'll stop."

All well-intentioned ideas, but none of them quite work. Kim is concerned they'll start noticing a dent in their sales if the crime continues; they're also worried about the animals' health.

"It's amusing to see them come in, but we hope it'll stop."

That's right squirrels, leave the Crunchies for humans who also have poor taste in chocolate bars.

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