01/08/2017 06:42 EST

Ryan Gosling And Ryan Reynolds Face Off At The Golden Globes

The Canadians are nominated for wildly different movies.

It's a duel of the Ryans.

Both Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds are nominated for best actor in a musical or comedy in Sunday's Golden Globe Awards for two wildly different films.

Gosling has been recognized for his enchanting role opposite Emma Stone (who was also nominated this year) in musical "La La Land," while Reynolds has been praised for his witty portrayal of foul-mouthed superhero "Deadpool."

Ryan Reynolds, left, and Ryan Gosling are competing for the title of best actor at the 2017 Golden Globes. (Photos: Reuters)

This is Gosling's fifth time nominated for a Golden Globe, but it's Reynolds' first chance at the award.

The two Canadians are worthy adversaries, so we thought we'd do an informal face-off to see how the two measure up.

Watch the battle of the Ryans above.

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