01/09/2017 05:11 EST

Awesome Canadian Spots The New York Times Hasn't Heard Of (Yet)

There's a LOT to see and do.

Last week, The New York Times declared Canada as the top place to visit in 2017.

Naturally, Canadians were blushing as red as the maple leaf with the recognition.

But hold on, other than mentioning our national parks, a handful of natural attractions, and Ottawa and Montreal, Canada was reduced to being described as "cosmopolitan cities, barely explored natural wonders and everything in between."

Hey man, there's a LOT to see and do here.

Especially off the beaten path, in smaller nooks and crannies of our wonderful country — places like Florenceville, N.B. or Vulcan, Alta.

Check out our list of the most awesome obscure places in Canada, and add your favourite in the comments below.