01/11/2017 13:56 EST | Updated 01/12/2018 00:12 EST

'Horrible day': Saskatoon shares stories of 2007 blizzard

On Jan. 10, 2007, Saskatoon was hit with one of the worst blizzards in decades.

The storm shut down the city.

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CBC Saskatoon asked people to share their stories from the wicked storm on social media.


"I remember that day. Had to abandon my car on my drive home," wrote Josh Derak on CBC Saskatoon's Facebook page.

"When I got back to it in the morning, a plow had totally boxed my car in and I spent the next eight hours digging it out." 

He shared the following photo:

"I remember I almost got fired from my job when I called," wrote Shaun Sugar Crane. "Wasn't 'til two hours later they understood that I was physically unable to get there."

Joshua Berhthramn added: "This was the day my 20-minute direct bus commute home from the U of S took almost three hours."

Horrible day

Ton, or @noteey, tweeted to say it was a "horrible day" because "I found my car caught on fire/destroyed in parking garage."

"I remember my hat blowing off my head in the bank parking lot, then after trying to chase it for no more than five seconds, giving up and turning around only to face the storm and immediately regret chasing the hat," wrote Chris Klassen.

"The 30-yard trek back to the bank was the only time I've ever felt panic for being underdressed for the weather."

It was worse in 1947...

"At least it is not the prairie blizzard of 1947," wrote Jadon Carnduff.

"I have pictures from that blizzard. It was crazy!" replied Ronda Harrison. "This was February 1947!"