01/11/2017 14:13 EST | Updated 01/12/2018 00:12 EST

Regina underpass signs should stay metric-only, city says

Big trucks keep getting stuck in Regina's low-hanging underpasses — sometimes several times in a single day — and the city wants it to stop.

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But are the signs the problem?

A typical warning sign, like the one at the corner of Winnipeg Street and Dewdney Avenue tells drivers that the clearance is 3.8 metres.

Some people have suggested that confusion over the metric system might be the problem.

The height restrictions are given in metres, not feet.

However, a new City Hall report says the signs should stay metric only. 

Adding heights in imperial might only confuse drivers and cause more accidents, not fewer, it suggests.

"Extra reading time could cause slower driver response times to traffic events," the report says.

Officials note that Regina has been using metric signs since 1977.

Meanwhile, the city is still looking to collect more data on why trucks are getting stuck in the underpasses and how to fix the problem.

The report goes to the public works and infrastructure committee on Thursday.