01/11/2017 12:27 EST

Top Baby Name Predictions For 2017 Are Sweet, But Quirky

Think Sayer, instead of Sawyer, for instance.

Now that 2017 is here, expectant parents are no doubt looking for the hottest names of the year. And thanks to the experts over at Nameberry, we have predictions for the top 100 baby names of 2017.

The baby name site chose monikers they felt were “most emblematic of our times while also being timeless and forward-facing.”

For example, Auden is one of their top picks. The name follows the forever stylish last name as first name trend and means “old friend.” It’s also unisex, making it doubly appealing.

While Nameberry’s list contains classic monikers like Emilia and Clark, their list also has a lot of quirky picks, too. Of these, Calliope, Echo and Loxley are the biggest standouts.

Calliope (pronounced ka-LYE-oh-pee) is described by Nameberry as the “love child of Cadence and Penelope.” While its unique sound reminds us of a feminine flower, it actually comes from Greek mythology. Calliope is the muse of epic poetry and, fittingly, the name means “beautiful voice.”

Similarly, the unisex name Echo comes from mythology as well. It was the name of a legendary nymph. While this word name might sound odd, we love how creative it is. Plus, you can never go wrong with short and sweet.

And finally, Loxley is a rare name that has been “popping on Pinterest,” according to Nameberry. Though it’s uncommon, we can see its appealing factor thanks to the trendy “x” in this name.

Other notable unique names on the list include Keziah (a biblical name), Sayer (instead of Sawyer) and Benno (a twist on Ben).

Visit Nameberry to see their full list of top 100 baby name predictions of 2017.

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