01/12/2017 01:44 EST

Backlash Over 10-Year-Old Twins Reuniting On Live TV

When identical twins, Gracie and Audrey, met for the first time on live television this week, they sparked a wave of emotion across the Internet.

The 10-year-old girls were both adopted from China by American families. However, they only recently found out they had a twin.

The first time they met was captured during Good Morning America's live broadcast on Wednesday morning.

The girls were wearing matching outfits -- even their glasses were practically identical -- and they were both extremely emotional when they first saw each other and embraced.

While many people commented on how sad it was that the two had been separated at birth and were only meeting now, many took issue with the fact that such a significant life event was televised.

"I'm happy they found each other, but I really wish they would have met in person privately first," commented one Facebook user on Good Morning America's post. "It's an emotional moment and felt like they couldn't enjoy it as much as they could have because it was so overwhelming in front of everyone."

"These girls are only children. The loss they suffered from being separated shouldn't be used as entertainment," wrote another. "This reunion should have happened in private with counsellors."

Others quickly came to the defence of the show and the families. "Wow! So thankful for the segment. The Doering family (Audrey's family) is an amazing family and would never do anything to jeopardize their daughter. So many quick to judge," wrote one person.

"That was their choice to meet on GMA and in front of America!! They did talk on FaceTime first, so it's not like they didn't talk first," explained another person. "So, you people that are talking negative need to get over yourselves!!"

"It looks like both of the families are very supportive of the girls. I wrote a comment before seeing it, and now I see this as very positive. Thank you for sharing it with the world! Very good story!"

Gracie and Audrey were adopted in 2007 by two separate families. One in Washington and the other in Wisconsin.

Audrey's mom became curious about her daughter's background and found a photo that suggested Audrey is a twin. Then she found Gracie's family through Facebook.

After their reunion and during the families' interview, the hosts did explain that psychologist Nancy Segal, who specializes in twin studies, worked with both families and gave her blessing for the televised reunion. The girls had also met via FaceTime prior to the show and coordinated what to wear.

When asked what is in their hearts at the end of the interview, both Gracie and Audrey said, almost in unison: "Love."

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