01/12/2017 05:06 EST | Updated 01/12/2017 07:49 EST

Winnipeg Blizzards Create Giant Snowbanks Along City Roads


Icy roads, blizzards and wind chills as low as –45 C have made so-called Winterpeg live up to its nickname this January.

The conditions have caused serious headaches for city crews — nearly a year's worth of snow fell in a four-week period between December and January. The city receives an average of 110 centimetres of snow each year, according to Statistics Canada, and Winnipeg has seen over 100 centimetres of snow since the beginning of last month.

People work to free a car stuck in the snow on Dec. 7, 2016 in Winnipeg, Man. (Photo: John Woods/CP)

Canada Post has suspended mail delivery for parts of the city and southern Manitoba, and Environment Canada issued an extreme cold warning that extends into Friday.

Strong winds have also caused massive snowdrifts in Manitoba's capital.

Piles of the white stuff tower over cars, making the road feel like part of a maze of snowbanks, in a dash cam clip caught on Tuesday.

Watch the video above.

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