01/13/2017 11:59 EST

Calgary Police Helicopter Video Shows How Reckless A Stolen Car Can Be

Calgary police released dramatic footage to highlight what can happen.

If Calgary police have said it once, they've said it a hundred times: Don't leave your car unattended and running.

To drive their point home, they've released dramatic helicopter footage that highlights the potential dangers the public faces when cars are stolen or hijacked.

The video, with footage taken from the HAWCS helicopter, shows stolen cars speeding down Calgary streets into oncoming traffic, one vehicle almost hitting a pedestrian, and two carjackings.

People who steal cars often drive dangerously and police say the vehicles can be used to commit other crimes, like robberies and break and enters.

The Calgary Police Service footage shows how quickly a carjacking can take place. (Photo: Calgary Police Service/Screengrab)

Last year, there were 4,879 reported stolen vehicles in Calgary — a 51 per cent hike from the five-year average.

And police say that a quarter of stolen vehicles are taken with the keys already inside.

On Wednesday, 14 cars that were stolen had been left running and unattended.

Police have offered a number of tips that can reduce the likelihood of a stolen vehicle. Watch the video above to find out more.

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