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8 Style Hacks To Get You Through The Brutal Winter

The struggle is real.

As if trudging through the snow and slush wasn't bad enough, winter brings an entirely different set of style dilemmas and struggles.

Whether your hair is standing up on its ends from static, or red lipstick has just smeared all over your favourite cream sweater, we've rounded up our go-to winter style hacks to help you survive it all.

Lipstick stains

Lipstick is quintessential for any winter outfit, and the Be Legendary creamy red lipstick from Smashbox ($25) is the perfect choice.

But what happens when you accidentally get some lippy on your clothes? The horror! But don't fret. Lipstick is waxy and greasy (that's how you get a smooth finish), so the best way to remove it from your clothing is to use dish soap. It'll cut through the grease and lift the stain from your garment in no time.

Red wine

Whether you're a red wine drinker or not, you've probably had the deep-pigmented liquid spilled all over you. If that splash of red wine hits your favourite piece of clothing, or even your favorite tablecloth, don't rub the stain out; you want to avoid spreading the stain around.

Rather, dab the stain with a damp white cotton cloth to absorb any excess wine (avoid anything with colour because you can cause that to bleed into the stain and that's a whole new problem to solve). Slide a bowl under the fabric, centering the stain over it. Sprinkle salt over the stain and add boiling water. From there, machine-wash the garment.

If this whole operation isn't feasible for the time being (say you're out at an event or party), dab (again, don't rub) the garment with a white cloth and club soda to hold you over.

Fuzz balls

There's nothing worse than your favourite sweater being covered in little fuzzies. The best way to avoid this is to wash your sweaters inside out without any items that may have a lot of lint attached to them (like towels). But if it's too late (and the damage is done), then simply run a disposable razor (like this Bic Soleil Razors, $6) lightly over the sweater. Be sure not to press too hard as you can create small knicks in your sweater.

Itchy sweaters

Do you have a sweater or scarf that you love, but it's itchy? Simply soak it in vinegar for about 15 minutes, and then gently massage with your favorite conditioner.

We love this one from Matrix, as it's designed to nourish over-processed hair, so we figure it should do the same for your clothing. Let the sweater soak in the conditioner for about a half hour then rinse gently and lay flat to dry.


Speaking of lint, if you have a fussy sweater like this one from J. Crew ($94) that will NOT stop shedding, simply put it in the freezer before each wear. It will tighten up the fibres and prevent it from shedding all over the place.


Static is basically our arch nemesis during the winter months. Whether it's our hair standing up straight or our clothing sticking to us like glue, static can ruin your day. Luckily, there's an easy fix — dryer sheets! Simply run an unused sheet over your hair, your clothing, or whatever your trouble area is.

Some things to consider during the winter months is avoiding over-drying. When putting clothing in the dryer, be sure to remove them promptly. Likewise, with your hair, you want to avoid over-drying it and finish with products like serums or oils to help prevent the static. It's also worth noting that synthetic fibres are much more prone to static, so consider natural fabrics like cotton and wool if you feel like you're losing the battle with static.

Prevent runs in you stockings

Nothing will kill your lady boss vibe faster than a run in your stockings. A great fix and preventive tip for runs in your pantyhose is to use hairspray. Give your stockings a little spritz in the usual trouble areas (read: around the toes) and you should be good to go.

And if you've noticed a little run starting, but you a) don't have time to change, or b) you're at work or an event, simply spritz with the run with hairspray, and it will prevent it from getting any worse. You'll never regret tossing a travel-sized hairspray in your bag during the cooler months.


If you're losing the battle with fuzz from layering your sweaters or your faux fur, the answer could be in your beauty bag! If you don't have a lint roller handy, use a clean beauty blender ($25) to pull off any excess lint.

Kayla Short is the Halifax-based fashion and lifestyle blogger behind Short Presents. She answers all of your pressing style questions with her biweekly column, Style Rescue. Follower her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more style advice and inspiration.

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