01/15/2017 08:03 EST | Updated 01/15/2017 09:11 EST

How Many 'Pee Pee' Puns Can 'SNL' Make At Trump's Expense?

One last '"Saturday Night Live" before Donald Trump is inaugurated as president, and the show just can't hold it in.

Alec Baldwin, playing the president-elect at a press conference, says he doesn't want to talk about the "pee-pee" but then lets out a "steadiest stream" of puns.

The skit follows reports this past week that claimed Russian spies collected compromising personal information about Trump. CNN noted that the allegations are unconfirmed, which was followed by the publication of a 35-page dossier of claims, notably by BuzzFeed.

On Saturday, in this 45-second clip, the fictional Trump says he wants to talk about jobs — a "steady stream of jobs."

"It's a golden opportunity as me as president to make a big splash," the skit's Trump says. Watch the clip below:

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