01/16/2017 11:45 EST | Updated 01/16/2017 12:10 EST

Donald Trump Bashes 'SNL' Just Days Before Inauguration

Donald Trump becomes U.S. president in days.

Donald Trump is once again flinging some flak at "Saturday Night Live."

Trump, who will ascend to the U.S. presidency on Friday, took some time on Sunday to bash the show as "really bad television."

The incoming commander-in-chief of the U.S. military went a step further, describing the sketch comedy show as "not funny."

Trump's most recent skirmish against "SNL" seems to be in retaliation against a skit from this weekend's episode. The segment features Alec Baldwin, who plays Trump, delivering a steady stream (sorry) of pee puns at a press conference.

President-elect Trump wants everyone to stay focused.

Posted by Saturday Night Live on Saturday, January 14, 2017

This isn't the first time — how could it be? — Trump has unleashed his Twitter fingers at the show.

In November, less than two weeks after he won the U.S. election, the businessman called the long-running NBC production a "totally one-sided, biased show - nothing funny at all."

It’s a very different sentiment compared to November 2015, when Trump hosted an episode of “SNL.”

Will Trump continue to criticize the show after he is sworn in as Barack Obama's successor on Jan. 20? Will Baldwin become the president-elect's most outspoken critic? Will we all throw our computers in the toilet and walk into the ocean?

We'll find out soon enough.

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