6 Foods That Can Help Banish Belly Fat

Because abs are made in the kitchen.

For years doctors have warned us about the dangers of excess belly fat. Carrying too much weight in your midsection not only increases your risk of heart disease, it also increases your risk of death related to body fat.

Fortunately, a big belly can be reduced if you're committed to it. Experts recommend walking and incorporating weight training into your daily routine to help drop inches around your waist. Getting more rest is also beneficial to belly fat loss.

But working out and sleeping aren't the only things that will help you banish belly fat. You can slim down your stomach by replacing added sugars and starch with foods high in fibre and protein to keep hunger and sugar cravings at bay.

In the video above, we look at six specific foods that are also known to fight belly fat. From craving-crusher oatmeal to metabolism-boosting eggs, these foods will help you get rid of that extra bulge... if you remember to stick to proper portion sizes!

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