01/17/2017 02:06 EST

Baseball Player Tries To Explain Birth Control To Jessica Chastain

Sometimes, to avoid the wrath of Twitter, you may want to keep things to yourself.

Last week, actress Jessica Chastain wrote two posts on Twitter speaking out against birth control no longer being covered by health insurance in the U.S.

"#BirthControl is no longer covered by health insurance. Congrats USA, you're doing your part to keep women out of the work force. #smfh 😠," she wrote in one tweet.

"If you are not ready to provide for a family, if you want to finish school, if you want to build a career, protect yourself. #IUD @PPact."

The actress was referring to the Senate’s recent vote to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, which could mean more American women would have to pay for birth control on their own.

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But out of all the people on Twitter to make a comment about birth control and women's bodies, Matt Garza, a MLB pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, decided to chime in.

"It's called abstinence, a word that has been forgotten amongst this generation... it's the best contraceptive... #juatsaying," he wrote.

Really, Matt? Really?

While the 39-year-old "The Martian" actress didn't respond to the baseball player's comments, a bunch of Chastain's fans on Twitter definitely did.

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Yes, abstinence is one form of birth control, but one 2014 study found that an IUD was the "most popular form of birth control among family planning providers," Women's Health magazine notes.

And with so many types of birth control out there — including everything from condoms to vaginal rings to different types of pills — it's all about protecting yourself and choosing what's right for you, as many Twitter users and Chastain point out.

Following her tweets, the actress added she will be taking part in the Women's March on Jan. 21 in Washington.

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