01/17/2017 14:04 EST | Updated 01/18/2018 00:12 EST

Manitoba removes addresses from vehicle registration cards, says a safety issue

WINNIPEG — Manitoba Public Insurance is removing addresses from vehicle registration cards.

The Crown corporation says it's not needed anymore because police have online computer access to driver and vehicle licensing in their cruisers.

They also said the change will improve security for car owners.

The change will be introduced with renewals and new registrations on March 1.

Those who want to immediately make the switch can do so at any Autopac agent for a $15 card replacement fee.

Ward Keith with MPI says if vehicles are broken into or vandalized and the vehicle registration card gets taken, the home address is then known.

“If that is combined with also taking a garage door opener from inside the vehicle, then it can be a recipe for trouble."

(CTV Winnipeg)