01/18/2017 05:48 EST

Get Your Best Shave In 5 Simple Steps

Yes, there is an art to shaving.

Gentlemen, are you getting your best shave?

Shaving is something many men do every day, but that doesn't mean we really know what we're doing.

After some research, I learned I was skipping steps when it came to my shaving routine. And in doing so, I caused irritation to my skin (and that was not fun at all!)

From understanding the importance of moisturizing to making sure you use a well-balanced razor, check out my video above to learn five easy steps to improve your shaving technique and my blog, STM.

And for more tips on how to get a perfect shave, check out the slideshow below!

Photo gallery A Perfect Shave: 9 Tips To Get Smoother Skin See Gallery

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