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Jemima Kirke Reveals She Chopped Off Her Hair After A Fight With Estranged Husband

"I was feeling self-destructive."

Many women believe their hair is their "go-to trick." So when a chapter of their life ends and a new one begins, there is a tendency to do the unthinkable: cut it all off.

But for "Girls" star Jemima Kirke, who recently chopped her long locks into a textured bob with a pink tint, there was a deeper meaning — one many women can relate to — behind her dramatic hair transformation.

Days after reports surfaced that she and her husband of seven years, Michael Mosberg, had split up, the 31-year-old British actress shared her story of self-importance with StyleLikeU in a video entitled, "Letting Go of Girls and Getting Out Of Her Own Way."

When asked why she decided to cut her hip-length locks, something she said "was one of the only things that made [her] feel pretty," Kirke revealed it had to do with her marriage.

“@GirlsHBO wasn’t my project. Jessa is not my character, but she became my character. The first couple of years I felt like I was just working for someone, and I didn’t play by the rules. I didn’t learn my lines, I didn’t stay on my mark, and I didn’t know what any technical words meant. It was an ego thing, and I was selling myself short. It actually made it less fun for me, because I was just waiting for it to be over everyday. Then I started to pick up on all the ways my performance could be better – not just emotionally, but that it could be better knowing where the camera was, and having read the entire script rather than just my piece. There’s a difference between showing up and actually throwing yourself into the work, and letting go of your level of comfort. We’re so used to our comfort, we don’t even realize when we are staying in our comfort zone. One of the reasons I was hired for Girls was because of a persona that I have. It wasn’t an ability I had. I was hired for some sort of brightness that they wanted in the show. That made me both feel shitty about myself and have a big ego. It was a really good lesson too – it’s fine if you have personality and you can be magnetic and bright and whatever. But that doesn’t make me feel good about myself. The work is what makes me feel good about myself.” -Jemima Kirke in our latest episode of the #WhatsUnderneath Project. ⭐️Tap the link in our bio to watch her full interview now 🎥🎥🎥 and join the movement #iamwhatsunderneath

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"I was having a terrible moment with my husband in our relationship, and I was extremely hurt by him and extremely angry at him, and so I was feeling self-destructive," she explained in the video, which sees her undressing before the camera. "But for whatever reason I didn’t do anything self-destructive really, I just cut my hair."

And she documented it on Twitter.

"Long hair. Don't care. Going for the mom-who-had-a-tough-year-who-doesn't-feel-like-brushing-her-fucking-hair look," she captioned the video.

A few weeks later, Jemima said she decided she wanted to cut her hair even shorter. And to her surprise, her now-estranged husband volunteered to play the role of hair dresser.

"A couple weeks later, I said I wanted to go shorter and [Mosberg] said ‘I’ll do it,’ and he cut it and it was really nice. It was kind of romantic. It’s nice to have someone you love cut your hair."

To us, it seems Jemima loves her new hair and is happy with her impromptu cut. And she should be; her short hair is stunning.

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