01/19/2017 12:39 EST

Pixar Easter Eggs: This Is How All The Films Are Connected

Disney-Pixar fans have always found connections between the company’s films, but the theory that the movies all come from the same universe has now been confirmed.

Disney recently shared a video showing how each Pixar film is connected. In the fascinating clip, we see Riley from “Inside Out” showing up in “Finding Dory,” and Sully from “Monsters Inc.” appearing in “Brave.”

How is this possible? Watch the video below.

Perhaps the most well-known Easter egg from the Pixar universe is the Pizza Planet truck, which the clip above reveals at the very end.

This truck first appears in “Toy Story” and has appeared in every single Pixar film since, except “The Incredibles.” A video posted to YouTube in 2015 reveals the truck’s cameos in each Pixar movie to date.

Is your mind blown yet?

If you love finding Easter eggs in movies, then check out Disney’s hidden gems in the slideshow below.

Disney Easter Eggs