Your Genes Indicate The Type Of Person You End Up Dating: Study

Well, this makes sense.

Opposites may attract, but you're more likely to stick to someone that reminds you, of well, you.

According to a recent study published in the Nature Human Behaviour journal, your genetics have a lot to do with who you end up dating.

As Tonic notes, the study, which looked at more than 24,000 heterosexual European couples, found that couples were more likely to have the same height, body mass index and blood pressure.

"Our results imply that mate choice, combined with widespread pleiotropy among traits, affects the genomic architecture of traits in humans," the research notes.

Previous studies have shown we are attracted to people who look like our parents or us, Psychology Today reports.

"This may indicate that our incest taboos are social constructs instituted to prevent people from following their instincts," the site notes.

The recent study also found there were correlations between desirability and education, for example. People were more likely to be attracted to others with the same type of educational level.

And other studies have shown all kinds of reasons why we are sexually attracted to someone. One report notes we tend to fall in love at first "smell," because it is the best way of sensing someone’s pheromones.

Another study found that men in particular were more attracted to women they sensed were fertile. In fact, a woman’s face may also appear more attractive during the most fertile stage of her cycle.

Matthew Keller, a behavioral geneticist at the University of Colorado who was not involved in the recent study told Science magazine this "exciting paper" is a good way to figure out even more reasons why certain people are attracted to each other.

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