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Business Who Leverage The Power Of Mobile Technology

Companies that have mastered the art of social media. From the AOL Partner Studio

“We’re not in Kansas anymore.” This Wizard of Oz quote rings particularly true for business owners looking to connect with their customers. Companies can’t only rely on stellar face-to-face interaction any longer. The new world holds tweets and social profiles at high importance. Those who engage, succeed. It’s a philosophy that’s at the core of Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experience -- an offering that holds connectivity at high importance. With that in mind, we list a few examples of companies that have mastered the art of staying connected and commanding your attention.


When it comes to constant social media presence, Netflix knocks it out of the park. Its Twitter account is informative, constantly updated with new viewing options, and has a cheeky sense of humour. In a similar way, their Instagram account informs viewers of upcoming programming and displays eye-catching images of the actors in them. Netflix expertly has identified their voice and has managed to own a segment of the market. Small business owners should endeavour to do the same.


This Seattle-based coffee giant knows how to do social media really well. Its main account shares feel-good stories that relate to coffee and the company’s mission, while the second account shares corporate news, as well as easy and immediate access to their communications department. There are also a number of country-specific accounts that customers can access. A quick look at the Starbucks Canada Facebook page reveals a very active, varied, and interesting media presence with easy links to the company’s website, toll-free telephone number, and the addresses of all nearby locations. The response time to questions and/or concerns is also very impressive. That’s one thing businesses should take to heart. Being available and responsive on social media sets you apart from the pack.

National Geographic

A solid example of how a long-established company known for its beautiful print publications can stay abreast of today’s digital world and remain relevant. Of course it helps that so much of what they are known for is stunning imagery. Their Instagram account, with over 65 million followers, is gloriously beautiful and fascinating to follow, as you travel the world through the eyes of their talented photographers. We can’t all be Nat Geo, but what we can do is make sure that everything we publish on social is beautiful and conforms to a style guide.


If you’re looking to emulate a company that is both business-savvy and socially conscious, you don’t need to go further than Dove. The personal care brand owned by Unilever is responsible for some of the best campaigns promoting women’s self-confidence. By using hashtags like #ChooseBeautiful and #MyBeautyMySay on multiple online platforms, constantly producing content that encourages women, the company has proven that it knows how to use social media to its advantage.


Trying to make toilet paper interesting on social media may be a tough for some, but Charmin has risen to the challenge. By owning up to the fact that toilet paper may be an odd topic to bring up in public, Charmin uses “cheeky” to its advantage. Pun intended. With tweets ranging from “Today’s forecast: Cloudy with a 100 per cent chance of softness. Daydreaming about TP is normal, right?” to quizzes asking the hotly debated “over” or “under” question, a toilet paper company has managed to gain 75,000 Twitter followers. The lesson here is to make sure your content is engaging and actually something your followers want to read.

These are just some examples of companies that have managed to leverage the power of mobile technology to stay relevant and connect with their customers online. Cisco understands the importance of a connected mobile experience and can help you fine-tune an online strategy that can best serve your goals. Learn about how Cisco can help you here.

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