01/27/2017 10:14 EST

'Beauty And The Beast' Posters Bring Characters To Life, Literally

Disney just released new promotional posters for the live-action “Beauty and the Beast,” and they look like something straight out of “Harry Potter.” Each poster features a character from the classic animated tale, but instead of a still photo, Disney brought them to life in moving pictures.

Just check out this magical animation of Emma Watson as Belle.

And here’s Dan Stevens as Beast.

Since the live-action film features a star-studded cast, it’s not surprising that Disney chose to feature the characters of the castle as humans beside their non-human form.

Additionally, each poster was uniquely designed with movements to fit its character’s personality. Ewan McGregor, for instance, is seen waving an arm as the charming and hospitable Lumiere.

Ian McKellen is shown as Cogsworth in (surprisingly) good spirits.

And Emma Thompson is seen as Mrs. Potts enjoying a nice spot of tea.

To say these posters are magical is a serious understatement.

On Twitter, fans went wild.

We completely agree!

“Beauty and the Beast” will hit theatres on March 17, 2017.

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