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31-Year-Old Chris Salvatore And 89-Year-Old Norma Cook Are The Sweetest BFFs

Chris Salvatore, 31, wants to tell you about his best friend.

She's sweet. She's a great listener. And she's 89-years-old.

I hope this little update will bring some sunshine to your rainy day here in La. We are reaching the 2 month mark since my neighbor Norma has come home from the hospital and I am so happy to share that she is continuing to prove the doctors and nurses wrong by continuing to THRIVE! To prolong the remaining funds to prevent her from having to be moved into a county facility, Norma and I have decided to move her into my apartment across the hall where she now has her own beautiful room and bathroom! She loves it! I do most of my work at home so I am here most of the time to care for her so it only made sense to the both of us. She is my adopted grandmother and I am her grandson she never had. :) We will still have caregivers coming in to care for her as well as her weekly hospice visits from the nurses and doctors. I just wanted to let you all know Norma loves reading your comments and I seriously think all the support and love is keeping her healthy. Now who wants to come to dinner? 😊#myneighbornorma... I mean #myroomatenorma 😜

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Salvatore and BFF Norma Cook are the definition of #friendshipgoals and they're proving age is just a silly number.

Somebody's thriving 🥂 #myneighbornorma

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Close friends for the past four years, the pals from West Hollywood, California, have been inseparable ever since the charming young actor introduced himself to Cook, who lived across the hall. After Cook invited him in for a glass of champagne, Salvatore said he knew it was the start of a beautiful friendship.

"We became best friends immediately," Chris told People. "She had a lot of gay friends growing up that unfortunately passed away during the AIDS epidemic and, being gay, that bonded us right away — we talk about fashion and food mostly."

Salvatore said Cook has helped him through break-ups and has made him feel better during his darkest days. She divorced her husband at the age of 43 and never had children. The actor said Norma considers him the "grandson she never had."

Look! They even have a Christmas card together!

Just in case you weren't in the holiday spirit yet... 🎅🏻 #myneighbornorma

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Cook, who has had leukemia for 10 years, has been given only a few more months to live and Salvatore wants to make sure she feels "so loved" every single day. That's when he offered to become her primary caretaker and started a GoFundMe page to help raise funds to help cover the at-home costs Norma's insurance wouldn't cover.

"She has opted out of doing treatment for the cancer," Salvatore revealed. "So now it’s my job to make her feel comfortable and at peace and not lonely."

In this moment, time stands as still as it can be #myneighbornorma please send 🙏🏻

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"I’m so lucky to have her," he continued. "She’s changed my life. She’s made me a kinder more compassionate person. I feel honoured to spend her last moments with her."

Our hearts!

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