01/27/2017 12:36 EST

New Beauty Brand Makes Buying Foundation For Dark Skin Tones Easy

And it's affordable, too.

For years women of colour have asked for foundation colours that go beyond the light, medium and dark hues we've long been limited to.

And while some companies are starting to listen, foundation aisles are still looking pretty pale. Fortunately American beauty brand Koyvoca has launched a range of 21 foundation shades at a surprisingly low price — and they ship to Canada!

Priced at just $16 and ranging from creamy "Bowie" to a deep and rich "Sydney" shade, these cream-to-powder foundations seamlessly blend with almost every skin tone and budget. Just take a look at the colours below:

And Koyvoca doesn't just stop at foundations — the line, which was handmade specifically for people with deeper complexions, also offers contour kits, concealers, lip sticks, highlighters and finishing powders.

What's your go-to brand for dark foundations? Let us know in the comments below.

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