01/27/2017 11:36 EST

Goop Would Like You To Buy A Gold Butt For $485

This is pretty cheeky.

Nothing says love quite like a gold butt. At least, that’s what Goop believes.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site released four Valentine’s Day gift guides and one of the standout picks for women is a gold chain necklace featuring a cheeky, little butt.

And if that isn’t eyebrow-raising enough, the fashion-statement necklace is selling for a whopping $370 USD (or roughly $485 CDN).

Titled “Le derrière dorée,” which literally translates to “the gold behind,” the necklace is described as “the perfect luxurious piece of jewelry for those who don’t take themselves too seriously.”

While we have to agree that this is the perfect gift for a partner with a great sense of humour, we honestly can’t see ourselves shelling out hundreds of dollars just for a laugh. But hey, to each their own.

If you're into this statement piece, you better hop to! As of press time, Goop says there’s only one gold butt necklace left (if you can believe it).

Or if you think your partner would prefer breasts to butts, another one of Goop’s suggestions for her is a “bust pendant,” which is essentially gold-plated silver breasts on a chain necklace.

We shouldn’t be that surprised that the lifestyle site chose these out-of-the-ordinary Valentine’s Day picks. After all, Goop recently recommended and sold out of vagina eggs, also known as “Jade Eggs,” which are meant to be inserted in the vagina to give its owner a myriad of health benefits. This includes increasing orgasms and preventing uterine prolapse.

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