01/27/2017 03:37 EST | Updated 01/31/2017 07:30 EST

The Park Ranger Rebellion And Other Not-Terrible Things Since Tump's Inauguration

There is a silver lining.

Well, that was quite the 'effin week.

The opening days of the Trump era have sent the world into a tailspin as we've been bombarded non-stop by bad news, "alternative facts" and executive orders threatening marginalized communities in the U.S. and abroad.

It's enough to give the planet PTSD.

But don't get demoralized. Here's a look at some of the not-terrible (dare we say great?) things that have happened over the last week to give you a boost going forward.

Park Ranger Rebellion

The National Park Service first went rogue on official Twitter accounts, including the badass @BadlandsNPS which started tweeting climate change facts in defiance of Trump muzzling park rangers after the main account shared photos of his inauguration crowd.

It spread to Golden Gate National Park, which also tweeted climate facts. The Death Valley National Park account also tweeted WWII-era photos of Japanese-Americans interned there.

The resistance started after the main NPS account tweeted an apology and Badlands had to delete their climate tweets. The park ranger moved to new accounts, such as @AltNatParkSer, dubbing itself "The Unofficial #Resistance team of U.S. National Park Service" which is now at 1.27 million followers.

CNN reports there are now "at least 50 'unofficial' or 'alternative' accounts purporting to represent the views of government staffers or agencies."

NASA Goes Rogue, Too

NASA, which has been collecting and studying Climate Change data, was soon represented by @RogueNASA. It attracted over a half-million followers within days for tweets supporting their National Park brethren and promoting the upcoming scientist protest.

Similar unverified accounts popped up for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (@altUSDA), Environmental Protection Agency (@altUSEPA), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (@rogue_NOAA) and National Weather Service (@alternativeNWS).

The Dictionary Definition of Protest

Meriam-Webster, which has been trolling Trump for months, was not having Kellyann Conway's "alternative facts" BS.

The president's adviser caused a stir Sunday after she appeared on NBC’s “Meet The Press” and defended lies said by press secretary Sean Spicer by calling them "alternative facts."

Women's March On Washington: Earth

And let's not forget the 500 hundred Women's Marches around the world, ranging from a half-million turnout in each D.C., L.A. and New York to 60,000 in Toronto and 15 protestors in a tiny Nova Scotia town of only 65 people.

Oh, and Antarctica, too.

Photo gallery Women's March In Canada, January 2017 See Gallery

And There Were Good Non-Trumpist Things, Too

The Oscar nominations came out and they were finally not so white.

The next "Star Wars" movie got a cool title.

Marvel's queer Latina superhero America Chavez got a Beyonce-inspired comic book cover.

Indian women knitted sweaters for elephants.

And Missy Elliott dropped a new music video called "I'm Better."

And we hope you feel better now, too.