01/27/2017 11:16 EST

Uniqlo Canada Receives Backlash Over Clothing Giveaway

Critics say Uniqlo should give the free clothing to the homeless.

Uniqlo Canada is receiving backlash over a recent clothing giveaway.

The Japanese-based retailer, which opened up two Canadian locations in Toronto last fall, recently announced it was giving away 30,000 HeatTech items in the city's Yonge-Dundas Square on Friday and Saturday.

As one of the brand's most popular items, HeatTech is essentially lightweight heat-generating clothing, designed to warm you up and keep you warm during cold weather.

"Hey Toronto, we are giving away 30,000 HEATTECH Extra Warm items between Jan 27-28 at @YDSquare and across Toronto! #WARMTHFORALL," the store tweeted on Thursday.

Following the tweet, the retailer also added it will be giving away 5,000 additional warm clothing items for kids at several local organizations.

And while some Uniqlo fans got excited, others pointed out the clothing items should go to charity instead.

Following the news, a Twitter user named Taylor G on even started a petition.

"Given the type of clothing that is it specifically 'HeatTech' I cannot think of anybody more suitable and in need of this than the homeless community of Toronto," the petition notes.

"The winter season is already cold enough for those spending it outdoors in Toronto's streets and parks. I am asking Uniqlo to reconsider their free giveaway and instead donate it to homeless shelters throughout the GTA. Everybody deserves to be warm this winter and every winter."

Others on Twitter agreed.

Even Toronto councillor Norm Kelly weighed in.

Others even suggested picking up a free item and donating it to a shelter yourself.

Speaking to BlogTo through email, a Uniqlo spokesperson said the giveaway is supposed to be "inclusive."

“Uniqlo believes in giving back to the communities in which we operate. The 'Warmth for All' giveaway of 30,000 HeatTech Extra Warm items is inclusive of all Torontonians,” the spokesperson said.

And according to Twitter, it seems like the giveaway is already underway. And as of press time, the petition has more than 650 signatures.

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