01/31/2017 04:11 EST

Australian Kindergarten Bans Birthday Cake Celebrations For Health Reasons

One word: sugar.

Kindergarten students in Sydney, Australia, can no longer have their (birthday) cake and eat it too.

Birthday cake will no longer be served on a child's special day in class because they cause "unnecessary sugar consumption."

No more blowing out the candles.

Dee Why Kindergarten in Australia said that it implemented the ban after 85 per cent of parents at the kindergarten said they were against cake in a survey, citing they wanted healthier options for celebrating "important milestones."

"We regularly canvas our parents about policies. We asked the question [whether birthday cakes should be allowed] last year and got eight times the normal response," a spokesperson from Dee Why told Honey Nine. "It surprised us that so many had strong feelings and were against birthday cakes as a celebration."

Along with health and nutrition, the kindergarten also took into consideration family culture and preferences.

So, if there is no birthday cake, what alternatives do these kindergarten kids have?


Yup, one example of what the school is encouraging is a birthday trumpet, "which students can blow." Another is "cake-free birthday" where children can make a birthday cake for their classmates out of playdough.

"Whilst not everyone will agree with this change, please be assured we have undertaken this process as best we can to represent the needs of all families at the service," the school told Honey Nine.

So does carrot cake fall under this ban? We're asking for a friend.

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