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Johnny Depp's Ex-Business Managers Say He Spent More Than US$2 Million A Month

The actor's former business managers are suing him back, claiming his "irresponsible" spending is to blame for his financial woes.

If these numbers are true, Johnny Depp leads one lavish lifestyle.

The actor sued his former business managers earlier this month, claiming they mismanaged his money and caused him to lose millions of dollars, according to US Weekly.

Naming The Mandel Co, The Management Group (TMG) and several other defendants, Depp said they caused him to lose at least US$25 million.

Now The Management Group is suing him back, saying that not only is Depp lying, but that his extravagant spending is to blame.

In a searing cross-complaint obtained by Deadline, The Management Group says it represented the actor for 17 years beginning in 1999, and did everything possible to protect him from his "own irresponsible and profligate spending," repeatedly advising him to cut down and sell unnecessary assets, but that he listened to no one.

TMG accuses the actor of not taking responsibility for his money, saying that during those 17 years, he spent beyond his means — in excess of $2 million a month.

According to the complaint, Depp blew $75 million on 14 homes, including a chateau in France, a chain of islands in the Bahamas, and a Kentucky horse farm.

He also allegedly forked over $3 million to blast author Hunter S. Thompson's ashes out of a special cannon, spent more than $18 million on a yacht, and paid untold millions on pieces of art and collectible guitars.

On a monthly basis, TMG claims he spent more than $300,000 on 40 full-time staff and half that amount on 24/7 security for him and his family.

The actor is also apparently is a big wine fan, allegedly spending $30,000 a month to have wines flown to him around the world.

When he ran out of money, he started borrowing, TMG claims. Every transaction was approved by either him or his sister and personal manager, Elisa Dembrowski.

TMG says that Depp ended their relationship in March 2016, but still owed them $4.2 million on a loan from 2012.

"Depp has only himself to blame for his current financial woes."

So it began to foreclose on some of Depp's properties, and he responded with the suit.

"Depp has only himself to blame for his current financial woes," TMG wrote in the complaint.

This is only the latest legal trouble for the actor. He and actress Amber Heard settled their divorce back in August, however the terms of the divorce weren't finalized until last December. He only recently agreed to pay her the remaining portion of the $7 million settlement.

Heard also accused Depp of abuse, saying in court documents, "I endured excessive emotional, verbal and physical abuse from Johnny, which has included angry hostile, humiliating and threatening assaults to me whenever I questioned his authority or disagreed with him." She later dropped the allegations after the divorce settlement and maintained she would donate the entire settlement to charity.

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