02/02/2017 12:09 EST

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2017 To Highlight Beautiful And Diverse Bodies

And about time!

Sports Illustrated's famed Swimsuit Edition is making waves yet again.

In 2016 the iconic publication chose model Ashley Graham as their first-ever plus-sized cover-girl. The edition also featured Ghanian model Philomena Kwao and 56-year-old Nicola Griffin, who became the oldest model ever featured in the magazine.

And this year the magazine has selected size 10 model Myla Dalbesio as one of their rookies of the year.

And now a break from my regularly scheduled political griping to share with you the exciting news that I've been included as a rookie for this years issue of @si_swimsuit! This has been a goal of mine for a decade, and I am so proud to have gotten here. It feels strange to celebrate right now at this strange moment in world history, but I hope that this can be an example for other women to continue to stand strong in their convictions and not be afraid to use their voice. And for girls in the industry, I hope this is reassurance that you don't need to have 1 million followers to be noticed. You can still be judged by the quality of work you do and the person you are. Which, I think, is something to celebrate. 🎉🎉🎉 Thank you to everyone who has helped me over the years, I would never be here without you, and I am eternally grateful. 🔥🔥🔥 photo by my dude @wattsupphoto. THANK YOU to @mj_day @darciebaum @ja_neyney @srdalbesio @djdavies @natedoggfromiowa @taylorstepien @teachamantafish @the_bms @nextmodels @mothermodel @mpmegamiami @idaliasalsamendi @kylehagler @garydakin @jacks23 @adamkhughes @jonilaninyc @dlottmusic @uralucky1 💕😘✨ See you all at VIBES in Houston next month! #SISWIM2017

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In 2014 Dalbesio made history as the first-ever size-10 underwear model for Calvin Klein. The announcement, however, stirred controversy as Dalbesio was labeled a plus-sized model. In the United States the average clothing size for women is 14. In Canada the average size is 12.

In addition to Dalbesio, this year's Swimsuit Edition will feature Olympians Aly Raisman and Simone Biles, both of whom have been outspoken supporters of the body positive movement.

Chrissy Teigen is also gracing the pages of this year's magazine, this time as a new mom. "I haven't shot since baby," Teigen told E! News. "But of course, you know that [editor] MJ [Day] and everyone at Sports Illustrated in general is going to embrace your body no matter what's happening and embrace the changes."

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