02/02/2017 05:56 EST | Updated 02/03/2017 11:53 EST

Two-Legged Puppy Found Tied In A Bag Behind Toronto Building

Cupid was rescued and is now in a foster home.

This two-legged puppy’s owner may have abandoned him because of his disability, but everyone else seems smitten.

Cupid was recently found tied in a bag behind a building in Toronto, according to the Oakville Beaver.

He was then taken in by an Oakville dog rescue organization.

"The lovely girls who brought him to us named him Cupid because his nose is shaped like a heart," The Dog Rescuers Inc.'s president and co-founder Joan Znidarec told the Beaver.

Veterinarian Dr. Gursharn Dev, who treated the pup, told Global News that he couldn’t believe he was tossed away like trash.

Two-legged puppy Cupid is safe after he was found abandoned and tied in a bag behind a Toronto building. (Photo: The Dog Rescuers Inc./Facebook)

“I was very upset that somebody would do something like that. They could easily have taken it to a regular vet clinic,” Dev said.

Not only was the little guy born without his two front legs, but part of his tail had also been chopped off, he told the broadcaster.

Luckily Cupid, who is about seven weeks old, had no major health issues, according to The Dog Rescuers Inc.. He’s now in a foster home.

Veterinarian Dr. Gursharn Dev shares a cuddle with one of his patients, little Cupid. (Photo: The Dog Rescuers Inc./Facebook)

But not only is the pup, currently thought to be a Great Pyrenese mix, being cared for, he’ll be fitted for some prosthetic legs this week, thanks to Toronto company PawsAbility.

The Dog Rescuers Inc. said that he's not ready for adoption quite yet — the organization wants him to become more mobile.

But it welcomes donations towards his vet care.

"Cupid has captured all of our hearts and we can’t wait until we place this little sweetheart into his forever loving family."

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