02/03/2017 12:21 EST

Idris Elba Gets The Best Dating Advice From Kids

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Idris Elba is on a mission to find and woo a Valentine — and he has the most adorable help.

The actor and father of two consulted a panel of miniature wingmen and wingwomen to help him plan a romantic Valentine's date for the winner of his Omaze contest.

In early January, Elba revealed he partnered with non-profit W.E. Can Lead to help raise funds for the education and well-being of young girls in Africa by offering up entries in exchange for donations.

Despite admitting to having never been on dates, the little advisors seemed to have a lot of opinions on what Elba should and shouldn't do. And for the most part, the kids' advice made sense.

One young charmer even scolded the actor, telling him "It doesn’t matter about you, it matters about the girl." While another told him to put on a bad boy persona “because if you’re good, then you might have to wear glasses, suspenders, and ugly trousers.”

We doubt ugly trousers would stop anyone from accepting a date with the suave actor.

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