02/03/2017 04:08 EST | Updated 02/03/2017 04:45 EST

Jennifer Lopez Says She 'Never Appreciated' Her Body When She Was 20

The 47-year-old talks about pushing out of the comfort zone.

OK, listen up. We're convinced Jennifer Lopez doesn't age.

Seriously. She's 47 years old and basically looks the exact same age as when she starred in 1997's iconic flick "Selena."




For W magazine's latest issue, where she covers the glossy alongside Donatella Versace, Taraji P. Henson, Jessica Chastain and Kate Moss, the mother-of-two said, "Women get more confident as they get older."

"Men in their 20s are very confident and cocky, and women are super insecure," Lopez said, after sharing a story about a male costar on "Shades of Blue" who was uncomfortable going shirtless on set. "And then it flips: Men get super insecure, and women get comfortable in their own skin, in a way that makes them more beautiful."

"I never appreciated my body or my looks when I was in my 20s. Now I’m like, 'Look at me! Look at you!' Not in a conceited or arrogant way — I just appreciate myself in a way I didn’t when I was that age," she said. "And it’s not about perfection. I like the scars that I have."

The "Ain't Your Mama" songstress said women can find happiness when they live and push outside their comfort zone.

"I’ve gotten comfortable knowing what I am good at, and how to do it," she said.

And with confidence comes an attitude that absolutely no one can mess with.

"I have no patience for anything that’s not real. Just no bullshit," the actress said.

Preach it, Jenny!

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