02/03/2017 10:08 EST

A New Relationship Could Actually Help You Lose Weight, Says Study

It may seem like new relationships cause one to gain a bit of weight, what with being wined and dined, skipping workouts for date night and late nights watching TV and eating takeout.

However, new research suggests that a blooming love affair can actually trim your waistline — and no, it's not because of all the hot sex you're having (typically, women burn just 3.1 calories per minute during sexy times).


Research has already shown that a boost in one's mood, including when someone feels that instant connection with a new love interest, can elevate your levels of serotonin, the hormone associated with happiness. Serotonin has been linked to fat loss, although, until recently, scientists have been unable to determine why.

New research from a study published in Nature Communications can finally explain the connection between serotonin and fat loss: Essentially, when your serotonin level rises, your brain tells your body to turn fat into fuel, thus giving you a higher metabolism.

couple eating on couch

However, it must be noted that this study involved animals, not humans, so there could still be a bunch of other causes for this weight loss, including hormone changes, diet, exercise and your metabolism.

Still, it doesn't hurt knowing that if you jump into a new relationship, you might not gain as much weight as you would think. And, as always, it's always good to stay healthy and fit whether you're dating someone or not.

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