02/05/2017 07:24 EST

'Hamilton' Singers Add 'Sisterhood' To 'America The Beautiful' Lyrics During Super Bowl 2017

The "Hamilton" singers added some lyrics to the iconic song, 'America The Beautiful.'

It may be Super Bowl Sunday, but the Schuyler sisters from "Hamilton" want you to know they're here for the sisterhood.

The three original performers from the hit Broadway musical took the field in Houston to sing "America The Beautiful" before the official kickoff. And Jasmine Cephas Jones, Renée Elise Goldsberry and Phillipa Soo took a stance for feminism while they were at it, by adding a little something extra to the historical song.

"And crown thy good with brotherhood ... and sisterhood," the trio belted out.

The added lyrics were met with cheers and applauds from crowds both in the stadium and fans watching at home.

Twitter users praised the performers and called the women "heroes."

A few commenters said the change hit a sour note:

But their updated version did win rave reviews from "Hamilton" creator, Lin Manuel-Miranda:

And seemed much better received than that time the 'Lone Wolf' tenor, Remigio Pereira, altered the lyrics of 'O Canada' to include the controversial phrase 'All lives matter.'

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