The 3 Absolute Worst Pieces Of Parenting Advice

Sleep when the baby sleeps? No.

For any new parent, one thing you almost can't escape is unsolicited parenting advice.

In the video above, self-proclaimed "Wine Mom" Hannah Williams shares three of the worst parenting tips she's ever received. The first one? Sleep when your baby sleeps.

"I know so many moms get this piece of advice, and it just makes no sense," she says. "Should I do laundry when the baby is doing laundry?"

Instead, Williams says she likes to get shit done when the baby is sleeping,

"That's when I do everything I couldn't do with a baby in my arms."

And of course, while most parents will receive all kinds of advice until their child is an adult, we think it's always helpful to work with your partner or family members to create your own parenting style.

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