02/07/2017 11:21 EST

Mariah Carey Burns Her $250,000 Custom-Made Valentino Wedding Dress In New Music Video

Oh, so you don't think Mariah Carey is over her Australian billionaire ex-fiancé James Packer?

Well, watch this:

Yeah, that's the diva torching her custom-made $250,000 Valentino wedding dress like it's NBD.

For her latest music video "I Don't," the 46-year-old pop star gets the ultimate revenge against Packer by setting what would have been her wedding dress up in flames. Carey was planning to wear the stunning gown during their Bora Bora nuptials, but that didn't go as planned. Sadly, Carey and Packer's relationship ended last October. And things got messy.

Throughout the video, the mother-of-two sings the lyrics, "You messed up all we had," and "I used to love you but I don't," while wearing black patent-leather bodysuits and bridal-inspired lingerie.

Mimi appears on screen in a red crimson dress with her wedding dress in hand. She walks up to a fire pit, stares deeply into it, dances for a bit, and then it happens: The dress goes in and the flames come alive. She slowly walks away as the world (read: dress) behind her burns.

"It was a moment. How could you not?" Carey told Entertainment Tonight of her decision to get lit. "There was a fire pit. There was a dress. Just throw it on the fire and burn it. What's the big deal?"

If Mariah doesn't get to wear the dress, no one gets to wear the dress.

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