02/08/2017 10:01 EST

10 Anxieties All Kids Have On Valentine's Day

Being a kid isn’t always easy.

Let’s be real: Valentine’s Day can be tough for kids. While Feb. 14 boasts a full day of fun – classroom party, anyone? – the lead up to the day and the day itself is full of ups and downs.

Here we round up all the anxieties kids have on the day of love. Looking back at our own childhoods, we can totally relate.

1. Wondering whether or not the Valentine cards you chose are lame.

Should you go with something cute and classic like “Minions” this year, or something more sophisticated and cool, like “Star Wars”? You want something that says, “I’m trendy and awesome,” but not something that looks like you’re trying too hard. The struggle is so real.

2. Is my box big enough?

Every year, we make special boxes that our peers can stuff with cards and sweet treats. But what if it’s not big enough? What if Sarah can’t fit that bag of candy hearts she promised to give you? Or if you get so many cards, there isn’t enough space to get one from your crush?

3. Getting a love note from your mom.

She does this every year. She sneaks a Valentine card into your lunch box so that when you open it, her love for you is plastered right there for everyone to see. How embarrassing!

4. Forgetting someone in your class.

The teacher often gives each student a class list so that no one is forgotten when kids write their Valentine’s cards. But what if you somehow miscalculate and forget someone important? Will they ever forgive you? The worrying continues.

5. What if someone forgets me?

One of the worst anxieties is that one of your peers will somehow overlook you. It’s a sad day when this happens (if it ever does), but luckily you have candy hearts and chocolate to fill the void – even if they are from your mother.

6. Waiting for someone to deliver your first Valentine.

This is perhaps one of the most anxious moments of the day, as you try not to worry whether or not the whole class forgot you. Instead you start to focus on who your first card will be from. Will it be from your crush? Or that annoying kid who talks way too much? What will it say? Will it be funny? Should you laugh? So many questions.

7. Getting a literal friend card from your secret crush.

From LaReveuseDesign on Etsy.

Every year you hope that the special someone you’ve been crushing on will send you a lovey-dovey Valentine card. But sometimes that just doesn’t happen. While you were expecting a card that reads “Be My Valentine,” you got stuck with a “Be My Friend” card instead.

8. How many Valentine’s cards did I get?

If we’re all supposed to get the same amount of cards, then why do some people’s piles look larger than mine? You eagerly start counting the number of cards you’ve received and only relax when you finally realize that the number matches the kids in the class. Phew!

9. Getting a Valentine from someone you’re just not that into.

Finally! Someone has professed their love for you. You received a card signed “secret admirer” and excitedly think about who it could possibly be. Only, your crush already friended you, so that rules them out, and you’ve already received a Valentine from all the other possible contenders. Oh no! Does this mean someone you’re not into just gave you a Valentine? Yuck!

10. Telling your parents that Valentine’s Day is for losers.

Because you realize the opposite sex has cooties after all.

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