02/09/2017 01:37 EST | Updated 02/09/2017 06:12 EST

Check Out Air Canada's New Look

Air Canada is expanding its routes aggressively.

Air Canada unveiled a new livery and new uniforms on Thursday, as it prepares to expand its presence in a competitive global environment.

The new aircraft look does away with the powder-blue and light-red theme the airline was using most recently, replacing it with a white, black and red theme.

The new design hearkens back to earlier Air Canada looks, including a red maple leaf in a "rondelle," or circle, on the fin. It's the first time in 24 years that Air Canada planes have featured this, the airline says.

The new look came from Winkreative, a design company owned by Canadian entrepreneur Tyler Brule. The uniforms were designed by another Canadian, Christopher Bates.

The airline has been expanding its routes aggressively of late, adding 28 new routes last year, including 15 overseas destinations. This year it plans to launch flights from Toronto to Berlin, Mumbai and Reykjavik; from Montreal to Algiers, Marseilles, Reykjavik and Shanghai; and from Vancouver to Frankfurt, London-Gatwick and Nagoya.

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