02/09/2017 12:13 EST | Updated 02/09/2017 12:17 EST

Magic School Bus Reboot Finds Its Ms. Frizzle

We can't wait!

Wahoooo! "The Magic School Bus" is making its comeback, thanks to Netflix, and "Saturday Night Live" star Kate McKinnon has already climbed on board.

On Wednesday Netflix announced McKinnon, known for her portrayals of Hillary Clinton and White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, will voice the lead character of Ms. Frizzle in their reboot, "Magic School Bus Rides Again."

McKinnon as Hillary Clinton opposite Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump. (NBC via Getty Images).

The character of Ms. Frizzle was originally voiced by Lily Tomlin, who currently stars in Netflix’s “Grace & Frankie” alongside Jane Fonda. Tomlin held the role for the show's entire four-year run and even won a Daytime Emmy Award for her performance.

The re-imagined series, which is expected to premiere later this year, was green-lit in June 2014 under the name "The Magic School Bus 360°."

At the time Netflix described the show as "a dynamic reimagining" of the original series with a high-tech bus to boot. Like the books the series is based on, Netflix's version will continue to focus on scientific exploration and innovation.

Though Tomlin isn't returning to her role, Producer Stu Stone, the original voice of the character Ralphie, told TMZ many of his original castmates have signed up for new roles in the reboot.

So don't rule out a return from the original "Ms. Frizz" just yet!

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