02/10/2017 10:47 EST

Why George Clooney Changed His Mind About Having Kids

The 55-year-old and his wife are expecting twins!

On Thursday, news broke that George Clooney is going to become a first-time father! But while the 55-year-old actor is expecting twins with his wife Amal, he didn’t always want to have children.

“I think it’s the most responsible thing you can do, to have kids. It’s not something to be taken lightly,” Clooney told People magazine in 2006. “I don’t have that gene that people have to replicate. But everything in my life has changed over time.”

From this interview, it’s clear that Clooney has always kept an open mind about having kids. And we’re guessing his big change of heart came about thanks to his lady love.

George and Amal Clooney attend the MPTF 95th anniversary celebration in October 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

The “Money Monster” star waved goodbye to bachelorhood in 2014 when he finally tied the knot with Amal during an intimate ceremony in Venice, Italy.

A year later, he gushed to People magazine about his marriage, saying: “All I know is that it sort of changed everything in terms of what I thought my future — my personal future — was going to be. I’ve always been an optimist about the world. I wasn’t always completely optimistic about how it was going to work out personally for me. But now I am.”

Following his marriage, Clooney continued to keep his home life private, but in 2015, he revealed that he hadn’t ruled out kids completely — they just weren’t his priority.

“I’ve thought about it I suppose, but I haven’t really — it hasn’t been high on my list,” he said in an interview on CBS “This Morning.”

Now that Clooney and Amal’s baby news has been revealed, a source close to the couple told People magazine that “they’re all very happy.”

Matt Damon also admitted on “The Today Show” that the actor will be a great father.

“Those kids are really lucky,” he said. “[Amal is] spectacular… He’ll be great. He’s so smart, he’s so loving. He’s going to be great.”

George Clooney isn’t the only celebrity to change his mind about having kids. Flip through the slideshow below to find out who else did, too.

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