Sensory Learning Is The Affordable Way To Make Your Baby Smarter

Get their brains working!

If you've ever wondered how to help your baby become the next Einstein, sensory classes, or sensory play, might be for you.

Sensory play includes stimulating your baby with different textures, sights, sounds, smells and tastes that can help develop neural connections between the brain cells and increase intelligence.

Neural connections can help your baby develop face recognition and colour vision while also helping them establish better control and use of their hands in infancy.

Sensory activities help spark different areas of their brain, which will help propel their learning development as they grow older.

Music play in particular has been found to be especially important for babies — when infants play with basic instruments, their brain activity increases tenfold.

While there are baby sensory classes available, if you're tight on cash, you can always try these activities at home to turn your baby into a genius.

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