02/13/2017 12:17 EST

11-Year-Old's Bucket List Is Weird And Wonderful

This kid has quite the imagination.

Most people's bucket lists are filled with extreme adventures like sky diving or bungee jumping, travelling the world or eating exotic delicacies. Others are more conservative like buying a home and starting a family.

For 11-year-old Jesse Magpantay, her list is closer to the former... but 100 times cuter.

"I found my sister's bucket list? what the hell is she on," Jesse's brother Josh Magpantay, 17, captioned a tweet of his sister's list last week.

The list, which has been retweeted nearly 9,000 times and liked 22,000 times, included nine detailed items like "Eat a hammer head shark, snake and bear," "Try Ariel silks" (she means aerial and she's adorable), "Eat 10 Taco Bell Dorito tacos" and "Win a Taco Bell Dorito taco eating contest."

Unsurprisingly, Taco Bell reached out to the Magpantays with a letter for their young fan. As did an aerialist who suggested a few local instructors for Jesse.

"The first two seemed like childish-cute but then when I saw number three was intensely weird, I knew that it'd be online worthy," Josh told Today. "It was just so bizarre, honestly, but it was fitting."

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