02/13/2017 10:50 EST

#BlackGaySlay Trends On Twitter, The World Rejoices

Black, queer Twitter users have come out in droves over the past week to show the world they're proud of who they are — and it will hit you right in the feels.

Using the hashtag #BlackGaySlay, women, men and non-binary folk alike are sharing their best photos of themselves, their significant others and their families for the world to see.

The most inspiring part is seeing people from other communities show solidarity and support for the black LGBTQ+ community by retweeting, liking and leaving sweet replies.

While being black and gay at the same time definitely isn't a new phenomenon, having a trending hashtag creates more visibility for this intersectional group, and that is a great thing to see. Because, in the words of "Hamilton" star Lin-Manuel Miranda, "Love is love is love is love."

Check out some more of our favourite tweets below.

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