Toronto Bar Faces Outrage After 'No Means Yes' Sign Infuriates The Internet

"No" NEVER means "yes."

If you need any more proof that Canada has a problem with misogyny too, look no further than this Toronto bar.

Locals Only, located in the heart of the city's entertainment district, disgusted the Internet this weekend thanks to a sign that made light of sexual assault.

On Saturday, Toronto local Katii Capern posted a photo of the offending sign to Twitter, which read, "No means yes and yes means a***?"

"'No means yes, yes means anal.' Saw this at Locals Only last night - straight up promoting rape. I've asked it to be taken down, stay tuned," she wrote.

According to the CBC, Capern asked a staff member what "A***" meant, and they said "anal."

"Once I realized the whole message I felt sick to my stomach," she told the CBC. "Rape jokes are never OK, ever, but it's even more troubling to see in a bar because of the prevalence of date rape."

After posting the photo to social media, other Twitter users quickly expressed their outrage.

On Sunday night, the bar posted a lengthy apology on Facebook, saying they were taking immediate steps to fire the staff member who put up the sign and that they were "saddened, shocked, and appalled" that this employee would make a sign that jokes about consent and rape culture.

"It has come to our attention that while unsupervised, a staff member of Locals Only Toronto made a sign within our establishment that is disgusting, derogatory, and insensitive towards a serious issue that we in no shape or form condone," the statement read.

"We will take responsibility for this incident and effective immediately, we will reissue a staff training course to further educate our staff members of appropriate practice and policy in the work place.

Most importantly, we extend our deepest apology to anyone who may have been affected or offended by this. It is unfathomable and completely disheartening to think that we would ever have to be writing something like this, as we take extreme measures to ensure the safety of our patrons in our establishment at all times."

But not everyone thought this apology did enough.

Others pointed out that this isn't the first time the bar has displayed a misogynistic sign.

One Instagram user posted photos of other examples of signs the bar displayed, which featured lewd statements about women.

One sign read, "Dry Slump? Do the Trump," while another read, "Snap Chat Me That Pussy."

Many people took to the bar's Facebook page to complain about the bar's promotion of rape culture, and posted even more examples of misogynistic signs.

This sign read, "Let's pretend this never happened."

This sign read, "Too naughty to say no."

Co-owner Jonathan Condren told the CBC that the bar has had problems in the past with some staff members and said that questionable signs were "immediately removed" once brought to the attention of management.

"We try to make the place a fun environment for our staff to get involved and do things, and obviously sometimes if they're unsupervised these things happen and we immediately come in and rectify the situation," he said.

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