02/13/2017 11:26 EST

Most Ridiculous Starbucks Order Ever Has 19 Ingredients

If you have a hard time remembering your boss' grande half-caf, half-sweet, no-whip, coconut milk, cinnamon dolce latte with agave and no topping, you're never going to remember this 19-ingredient order that the Internet has dubbed 'The Most Ridiculous Coffee Order Ever'.

Friend that works at starbucks just sent me this. from funny

The order, which was posted to Reddit by user Nulofrd, was captioned: "Friend that works at Starbucks just sent me this."

Despite asking for everything from six different types of milk to blueberry topping, matcha and protein powders, the beverage appears to be missing one important ingredient — coffee!

Though some commenters speculated that the order is a fake (we don't get to see the end result after all), former barista and fellow redditor MrsAnthropy commented that "for some people being high maintenance is a badge of honour / source of pride." Adding, "It's a luxury to be able to spend that much time deciding how foofy you want this coffee drink to be."

Starbucks is of course known for their customizable drinks with many delicious secret concoctions made to order.

The coffee empire also offers delicious seasonal drinks like their Molten Chocolate Valentine's Day beverages available in stores now!

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