02/13/2017 10:35 EST

Most Popular Unisex Baby Names Of 2017

Unisex baby names are taking a unique turn in 2017. According to Nameberry, the hottest gender-neutral names of the year so far are Quincy (up 71 per cent), Remi (up 68 per cent) and Winter (up 59 per cent).

To get their findings, the baby name site looked at which names got the most increased page views from January 2016 to January 2017. Other standout monikers include Briar, Indigo and Sasha.

While unisex names were one of the hottest trends of 2016, Nameberry notes that the trend is actually waning this year, as only a handful of these names made their “hot list” for 2017. According to the site’s data, parents are now more drawn to gender-specific monikers.

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Looking at Nameberry’s top unisex names, it’s also interesting to note that many of the picks are more commonly associated with boys. According to Matthew Hahn, a professor at the University of Indiana who co-authored a 2003 baby name study, this is because “the culture is much more accepting of out-there girls' names.”

Additionally, research suggests there are more benefits for girls to have boy names than the other way around. A 2009 study from South Carolina’s Clemson University, for instance, showed that women with traditionally male names were more likely to be successful in jobs of power, such as a judge or a lawyer, and make more money than those with more feminine monikers.

Unfortunately, boys who have girl names do not experience the same benefits. In fact, research from 2007 by David Figlio of Illinois’ Northwestern University, found that boys with traditionally girls' names are more likely to develop behavioural problems once they reach puberty.

So if you love unisex names and want to give your baby boy a moniker that follows this trend, then your best bet is to make sure you choose a name that’s as gender-neutral as possible.

Visit Nameberry to see their full list of hottest baby names of 2017, or flip through the slideshow below to see more unisex names we love!

Best Unisex Baby Names Of 2016